1-2-1 Photographic and Creative sessions on the Isle of Harris

Are you a photography enthusiast seeking a unique and personalized learning experience? Many visitors to the Isle of Harris in the summer months stay for a week and it is possible to arrange a session with myself to suit your holiday. I can collect you from your accommodation and take you around the island for photography. I have taught many photographers from the ages of 11 right upwards! There are no barriers at all. It is possible to come along with just a smart phone, with your underwater gear or with full camera gear for long exposures, ICM or traditional photography.  If you are staying with a group of keen photographers the sessions can be for more than just one person.

Tailored Sessions for All Levels: Whether you’re an experienced photographer wanting to rejuvenate your creativity or a beginner eager to learn the essentials, these one-to-one sessions are designed to meet your specific needs. The sessions, offer a blend of skill enhancement and creative inspiration or simply support and encouragement from Margaret Soraya. Maybe you would like to be shown some of the best locations on harris given the weather and time of year when you are visiting the Isle of Harris on holiday?

Inspiration Amidst Nature: Immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes of Harris, a place I now call home after 16 years of frequent visits. The island serves as an inspiring backdrop for photographers and creatives alike. Explore the best locations, carefully chosen based on weather conditions and tides during your visit.

Customized Learning Experience: Your time on the Isle of Harris is entirely tailored to suit your preferences. Whether you’re honing your camera skills, delving into long exposures, breaking free from creative blocks, or discovering your unique style.

Practical Details: For 2024, pricing for these personalized half-day sessions starts at £250. Please just email me to set up a date and let me know about your visit to the island and what you are looking to get out of a session. I will drive you between locations and occasionally, you might be accompanied by Skye the whippet (who remains in the car during shooting to avoid footprints). A deposit four weeks prior to the agreed date secures your session, which includes a 4-hour half-day experience.

1-2-1 photographic session

You can get in touch anytime and I will reply with details and suggestions.