1-2-1 workshop on the Isle of Skye

I had been chatting with Vikki for many months about a 1-2-1 workshop on the Isle of Skye before we finally met up in January. She had been looking to arrange a surprise for Leisa, her partner who loves photography. So, first up I helped her with some options for buying a camera for Leisa and advised her to ring Ffordes for further advice. She later told me how patient and helpful Ffordes were when she rang up to buy the camera kit! They are most definitely the go-to option for real and helpful service.

After that, we searched for suitable locations and accommodations that would give the couple a nice few days away whilst combining this with photographic training for Leisa. The Isle of Skye was settled upon and a date in January was selected. Skye is quiet in January and the weather is at its best for landscape photography – changeable, dramatic and full of atmosphere.

We met as planned at the Cuillin Hills Hotel on what turned out to be the snowiest day we have had this year. Vikki told Leisa the night before we met of the plans and gave her the newly purchased D7000 with 18-105mm and 50mm lenses. So it a quick guide to some camera basics before heading out and about. We went from photographing at Sligachan over to the Isle of Rassay and witnessed snowstorms rolling over the Cuillins. We finished the first day’s tuition watching the sunset over the Storr Pinnacles and towards the mainland.

The next morning we had the chance of the most wonderful trip over to Rona on board the Seaflower Skye. Standing on the top deck, wrapped in blankets, watching the sunrise over the snowy mountains was just incredible. As we arrived into Rona harbour we were greeted by a sea eagle overhead, 3 stags looking on and a colony of seals watching from the rocks. Little did we know that the landscape photography training was going to extend to wildlife photography as well! After a quick chat with Bill, one of the two residents of Rona, we set back out towards Portree.

After a short editing session whilst warming up at the Cuillin Hills hotel, we set off for the Quiraing. I thought it would look pretty amazing up there as the sun lowered in the afternoon -and I was right!. I hadn’t figured it would be quite so snowy and that we would be perfectly alone up there, but that was only a bonus.

If you are looking to begin or develop your photography I’d love to help plan a day or two within the landscape. Just send me an email…