As the sun sets over the town of St Ives in Cornwall, the echoes of laughter and the gentle lapping of waves serve as a testament to a transformative week of creativity, connection, and self-discovery. Joined by ten women, the creative retreat in Cornwall aimed to provide a space for rest, play, and community, allowing each participant to reconnect with their inner voice and embrace the diverse forms of creativity.

creative art and photography retreat in cornwall

Creating Space for Creativity:

The retreat’s foundation rested on the pillars of rest, play, community, space, outdoor experiences, and creativity. Participants found the much-needed respite from their everyday lives in the beautiful area of St Ives. The goal was to open up time and space, fostering a quiet environment where the inner voice could be heard, guiding each woman towards what truly resonated with her in life and in the realm of creativity.

particpiants on margaret sorayas creative retreat in st ives in cornwall

Creative Inspirations:

Throughout the retreat, diverse inspirations surfaced, emphasizing the unique ways individuals connect with their creative selves. Whether it was the solitude and peace found in quiet moments, engaging conversations with like-minded creatives, or the sheer joy of outdoor activities like swimming and walking, each participant discovered her personal wellspring of inspiration.

kniting by the sea on a creative retreat in cornwall

Meditation and Writing Exercises:

The retreat began with a meditation session on the edge of the dunes, guided by author and meditation teacher, Joey Hulin. Amidst the sounds of waves, the participants immersed themselves in writing exercises, realizing the power of words in enhancing and deepening their creative experiences. Writing became a gateway to a more profound understanding of their artistic pursuits.

meditation and writing exercise led by the beach at st ives on a creative retreat

Unexpected Adventures – surfing:

A highlight of the retreat was an impromptu surfing lesson suggested by myself. What initially seemed daunting transformed into a joyful experience. This unexpected adventure showed clearly the power of letting go of outcomes and embracing the present moment as a means of accessing creativity.

surfing in st ives, cornwall

Artistic Explorations:

Throughout the week, we explored various artistic endeavors, from expressive painting and writing to gallery visits in St Ives. The retreat’s final day witnessed a range of activities, from painting outdoors to experimenting with long-exposure photography. The beach became a canvas for self-expression, as some participants immersed themselves in the sea, while others experimented with found materials.

painting outdoors by the beach on a creative retreat in cornwall

The St Ives creative retreat was a harmonious blend of inspiration, connection, and joy. It provided a supportive environment for each participant to open up, explore, and create, a bit like an artist’s date within the nurturing embrace of a retreat. As the week concluded, the echoes of shared laughter and newfound connections lingered, promising more creative retreats on the horizon. Stay tuned for future adventures by subscribing to the newsletter. 

We currently have a space on the next Isle of Harris creative retreat in June