The First Creative Light Photography Festival in Scotland

“I can’t remember seeing more beautiful autumnal collect in Scotland. A lineup of excellent speakers and a deacon KJ Marion Salinas, Charlotte Bellamy, Justin Ritchie,  an amazing group of talented kind, and welcoming people I left with a soul nourished by breathtaking nature and human connection” Natalie Shering

First Creative Light Festival

I just finished up the first Creative Light Festival which was in the Highlands of Scotland, at Polmaily house near  Drumnadrochit. And it was three days of an amazing gathering of really beautiful like-minded people who have come together in this joint love of creativity and the outdoors. We started off on the first night with a welcome meal so we could all get to know each other in a really cozy setting of the local Whisky Bar, which is a family-run restaurant in Drumnadrochit.

We started the first day with a  wonderful group who went to Glen Affric on the first morning with Anna Deacon, a swimming photographer who actually photographed some portraits of the group whilst she was swimming with them. And we ended with a warm-up by the vans with warm drinks and shortbread afterwards.

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A wide range of activities

We had trips as well out to really remote settings such as Glen strathfarrar, where we saw lochs with still reflections and stags wandering by the roadside, and just miles and miles of open beautiful scenery. Time for everyone to just slow down and enjoy the landscape and to be creative in their own way.

We had ICM trips led by Charlotte Bellamy, a wonderful photographer from Holland. She went out to the local woodlands with groups of people and there was really amazing images that resulted from this photography workshop.  I can see that people were just really connecting to the woods and taking that time to be immersed and to chat with each other and to be inspired by each other. Justine Ritchie led a memorable forest bathing session around the grounds of Polmaily.

And there were also masterclasses back at the house where we saw teaching on a variety of subjects. KJ taught an art-based masterclass on self-compassion. Art, bookmaking took quite a big place in the festival and it was just great to have that spread of activities. So people could really try different ways of being creative. And then we also had Adrian Beasley, who came in to help with Lightroom and printing skills, which is always a benefit. We had the most beautiful weather, and the leaves were just at the height of the color.

photography festival in scotland photography festival in scotland

A place where colours abound

We were surrounded by beautiful trees, quiet colors, and just that ability to give ourselves time and space, and inspiration to create or just simply absorb the atmosphere. That was the meaning and the purpose behind the festival when I created it. I wanted people to come here and join together and inspire and support everyone else. The idea of sharing time and space with a wonderful group of like-minded creative people is at the heart of this festival. The whole festival touched people’s lives, and that is an incredible thing to have achieved.

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