“Creativity is essential to our mental and physical well-being; it transforms lives . We need to express ourselves and also to realise that it isn’t a luxury that is left last on the ‘to do’ list of life. We must listen to the creativity inside ourselves telling us to create. When we do, we allow emotions to be released and our energy can flow. Often, we have lost our true selves in life and suddenly turn around to realise we’ve squandered our creative selves by investing heavily in other people, doing what we ‘should’, caring for others or giving our all to work and careers. Through exploring our own creativity, we can start to feel a sense of calm, come home to ourselves and begin to excavate our buried dreams. In taking a few days away, supported by people who encourage and uplift us, we can open ourselves up to our own creativity.

As someone who has felt this loss of self, and abandoned my own creative pursuits and well-being for many years, my purpose is to help others reconnect, free up, become well, have fun and discover the joy of being creative.I’ve planned this retreat so that you can experiment with creative pursuits in many forms, such as writing, painting, photography or video. There’s also ample opportunity to be in nature, on your own or with others, if this is what you need to reconnect to your own vision.

The leaders have been carefully chosen to fit with the retreat’s values of kindness, encouragement, and support. We’re here to inspire and encourage you from the heart, understanding that you have a unique set of circumstances and needs.The days will be spent with a mixture of led discussions and classes encouraging you to free up : including photography sessions, painting, journalling and smartphone photography with creative apps.

You have access to Avalon well-being to nourish your body, outdoor swim sessions, and a fire temple experience. This is where creativity meets well-being.Part of the creativity and well being is eating well and at Utopia we are sure to have nourishing and healthy food for our entire stay. Join us for four nights and three days at Broughton Sanctuary to be inspired and reconnect with yourself” Margaret Soraya 


creative retreat at broughton sanctuary


The 2024 Creative Light Festival is taking place at Broughton Sanctuary in Skipton, Yorkshire, set in 3000 acres and with timed access to the Avalon Pool. The Sanctuary is home to a Nature Recovery Project and is a mix of heather moorland, ancient and newly planted woodland, rolling meadow pastures and meandering rivers.

We have been given the opportunity to stay in the incredible Broughton Hall and its retreat houses over four nights. With tiered options of accommodation from camping to staying in the historic Broughton Hall itself, which you may have seen tv on Gentleman Jack, Ridley Road and All Creatures Great and Small.

The festival is three days and four nights of creativity, inspirational sessions and led classes designed to inspire you to create and leave you feeling uplifted and at peace. We are keeping the Creative Light festival bespoke with a ticket limit of 55. You will meet like-minded people and make friends during your time with us. The emphasis on the environment is being kind and supporting each other.


During your time, you will be allocated sessions to open up your creativity..Guided art for absolute beginners to those who already paint will give you ample opportunity to paint if you wish!  Forest bathing walks, led photography sessions by woodland photographers such as Simon Baxter and Joe Cornish,  speakers to uplift you,  journalling & writing groups with Chloe Heuch, published author. Your days will be a mix of classes, discussions, cosy gatherings, meals together, and your choice of complete relaxation using the pool or walking.

You can choose to take part in everything or dip in and out & spend time with others in the drawing room or Utopia over coffee.

The price is shown with your room cost and all accommodation food and tutoring, including
  • 4-nights’ accommodation
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and teas and coffee from dinner on 27th Sept and ending with breakfast on 1st Oct
  • All tuition and materials
  • Alcohol is excluded

Prices are from £1300 pp shared, £950 for camping option. You can come along with no worries about additional costs at all.

There is a £50 discount for Creative Haven yearly or 6 months or more members. We have monthly themes to prompt you into creating each month and a facebook group where you can share images, learn from PDF’s on techniques and monthly zoom meet ups with guests. You can look at signing up for the membership here