Isle of Harris CREATIVE photography RETREAT

Nov 7th-Nov13th , 2024




  A small group creative photography workshop on the beautiful Isle of Harris at the most atmospheric time of year. Fabulous light, big swells, and changeable conditions, as well as the ease of sunrise and sunset times! Switch off from the pressures of our modern world and take time out for your photography. This will be a gentle and encouraging few days to help you find your own vision and connect to the island. Lots of time and space and plenty of cosy afternoons or evenings in together to discuss your work. 

6 participants, led by Margaret Soraya & Lesley Lintott

INCLUDED: Accommodation ( single, en suite)  Food, pick up from Stornoway or Tarbert, outdoor led trips, inspirational sessions, complimentary transport during the workshop 

EXCLUDED: travel to Harris,, camera insurance

"The voice of the sea speaks to the soul" Kate Chopin

Outer Hebrides creative retreat

Possible Places to visit:

  • We will spend time in the places which are best given the weather and wave and sunlight conditions such as :

    The sheer expanse of Scarista Beach,
    The white sands and turquoise waters of Luskentyre beach
    Exploring the rocky headlands on the Eastside 
    Bagh Steinigidh, rocks, swirling seas and views to Taransay 

"If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water" - Loren Eiseley


         photographing the outer hebrides 

A bespoke landscape photography workshop for you to gently develop your photography on the Isle of Harris, Outer Hebrides through connection and slowing down.For those who love truly remote, beautiful places and would like to experience the island from a deeper, more connected viewpoint. This workshop focuses on the individual with gentle and encouraging tuition.

The Outer Hebrides is tranquil, peaceful, and welcoming. One of the most remote places you will ever go and ideal for a coastal photography workshop. I have been visiting and photographing the Isle of Harris for 16 years. It has become my home and I know live in Geocrab on the east side of the island. It is important to me to be able to introduce you to local businesses and food and I will be able to set up unique experiences throughout the week! The food will be homecooked or locally sourced and we will visit galleries or inspirational places to help you better understand the island.

My intimate knowledge of locations, sea states, and wind direction contribute to finding the best spot each day, depending on the forecast. My desire now is to share this with you. Sharing with openness is at the heart of what I aim to do with my photography workshops on the Outer Hebrides. To lead you to places that I know and love, find locations that will inspire you and give you freely all the knowledge you need to develop your own photographic work.

The coastline is second to none, and Harris feels like an island on the edge of the world in the winter months. In November, we will likely have a beach all to ourselves. Perfect for landscape photography, the weather can be wild, changeable, and bracing. Daylight will be at its most atmospheric at this time of year with some great weather patterns. On Harris, you can often see many seasons in one day – experience fast-moving weather and clouds, rainbows, and sunshine all in one day. The Isle of Harris is best known for its sweeping, beautiful coastline.

We will not stay out all day if the weather is against us; it is important to relax and feel comfortable. There is great value in being out when the best opportunity for weather is on our side, and to keep warm and relaxed back at the lodges during other times. The workshop will not be about rushing from location to location. There is great value in being slower and more accepting of what is in front you. In this way you become closer and more connected and have more time to think about your own connections.

In addition to the wide-sweeping scenes, you will find opportunities to photograph textures, intimate details, minimalist imagery, and creative photography such as ICM and multiple exposures. Lesley Linitott specialises in the more abstract and intimate landscapes and techniques such as ICM and multiple exposure. We are both fans of simple smart phone photography as well and this forms a big part of our landscape photography. 

As an experienced astrophotographer, I will also be looking out for any clear skies or Northern lights. As these are very random, it can never be guaranteed, but if they occur, there will be the option to photograph the stars, the milky way or Northern lights over the Outer Hebrides.

Expect to be cut off from the real world for a few days, immersed in the wild open spaces of some of the finest and emptiest beaches you will ever see. As well as capturing landscapes and seascapes, this is an opportunity for you to recharge your personal batteries and reinvigorate your photographic practice by connecting with nature.

The pool at Una St Ives in Cornwall - part of the facilities for our creative retreat.
The pool at Una St Ives in Cornwall - part of the facilities for our creative retreat.
The pool at Una St Ives in Cornwall - part of the facilities for our creative retreat.
Una lido in St Ives at dusk.
Uist landscape photography
isle of harris photography workshop
St Ives creative retreat accommodation - Creative Landscapes.
St Ives creative retreat accommodation - Creative Landscapes.
St Ives creative retreat accommodation - Creative Landscapes.
Outer Hebrides creative retreat


Accommodation for this Isle of Harris photographic workshop is within a self catered lodge on the shoreline with 3 bedrooms. You will have your own bedroom and bathroom within your lodge. Breakfast will help yourself in your lodge each morning. Lunch will be homecooked within the lodge or out at a cafe. Dinner will be homecooked in the lodge, allowing for flexible time out and cosy evenings in. It is possible to walk into the landscape or by the sea from your doorstep and watch the wildlife from your windows. Self-catering allows us to spend more time in a flexible way and to work with the weather. 



AIRPORT: Fly into Stornoway Airport

FERRY: Catch the ferry from Uig ( Skye ) to Tarbert ( Harris ) or Ullapool to Stornoway