Paul Sanders speaking on my podcast about mindful photography

Paul Sanders is a photographer who has a very special way of seeing the world. I recently interviewed him on my Quiet Landscapes podcast about his life and work.

His beautifully calm B & W images come with a message that is deeper than just the images. Pauls’ mindful approach to photography is both beautiful and very much needed in today’s world.

We chat about accessing vulnerability, channeling fears and anxieties without worrying about what other people think about you, and how this leads to more authentic work.

Touching on Paul’s motivations behind his images, including his thoughts and words used alongside his work. How his genre is not defined and he simply looks for beauty and enjoyment in his subject matter. We also touch on perfectionism, people-pleasing, making images for yourself, and finding your own path this way. And how his photography creates awareness around mental health.

Paul also tells us about how the lockdown has provided space for his business: ‘Still” to develop and evolve into mindful online workshops and how he was allowed to slow down and reflect over this time.

Find Paul, In his shed at the bottom of his garden

Alternatively, you can find him on Instagram
or his website paul sanders mindful photography on my podcast

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