Photography exhibition at The Bosham Gallery

photography exhibtion

I am delighted to announce my photography exhibition at The Bosham Gallery. To be asked to follow on from the incredible exhibition by Michael Kenna is truly an honour. The opening of the solo photography exhibition will be from 6.30 pm at the Gallery and I will be there for the evening, so if you’d like to pop along please let me know! Otherwise, I hope you can get along to the exhibition and I will also be releasing some exciting events happening at the beginning of November as well. All images are from the Scottish islands, including the Isle of Harris, Isle of Lewis, Isle of Islay and a couple from the Highlands of Scotland For now, I will leave you with some words from the Galley owner, Luke Whitaker and some of my own thoughts behind the collection.

“Quiet is a photography exhibition celebrating the untouched beauty of the Scottish Hebrides, its remote rugged coastline and endless white sandy beaches. As an introvert who specifically visits these remote islands in search of solitude, Soraya’s work questions the cultural bias towards extroverts that exists in today’s western society; its obsession with personality over character, and reminds us of the healing power of solitude as the antidote to being constantly connected in today’s frantic digital world.”  Luke Whitaker

“Solitude is a positive state which can stimulate self-awareness and creativity. We all need periods of solitude to restore body and mind. As the world spins faster and faster and we become immersed in technology, we mortals need a variety of ways to cope with the resulting pressures. One of the best ways to maintain some semblance of balance is by seeking, and enjoying solitude; the state of being alone without feeling lonely, a constructive state of engagement with oneself and an opportunity to refresh and renew ourselves.

My own work emerges from a place deep within, during moments when I am taking quiet time in nature; my subconscious, creative mind comes to life during these moments. The remote Scottish islands are the embodiment of all the values I uphold in my life and work. Places of quiet disconnect and beautiful stretches of the landscape that touch the soul with their raw beauty are hard to find. Wild, remote places where I can truly retreat allows me the time and space I need. I often stay on the islands for up to a week at a time completely alone, waiting for conditions to be right. Being cut off from the outside world is refreshing and revitalising.”