Taunus Gallery Exhibition, Frankfurt

Taunus Gallery Exhibition In Frankfurt 4 I am delighted to announce that my solo photographic exhibition ‘Quiet” is now open at Taunus Foto Gallerie in Bad Homburg, Frankfurt. Recently described in the media in Frankfurt “When Margaret Soraya needs solitude, the state she needs calls positive aloneness, then she travels to the Hebrides. The photographer lives in a relaxed place on Loch Ness in Scotland, but that is not enough for her for the spiritual solitude she envisions. The Hebrides is the opposite of a typical playground for tourists. At best, clouds obscure the horizon here, only the birds interrupt you. The Hebrides are a mystical world.” Taunus Gallery Exhibition In Frankfurt 9 Sacrista Beach Seascape Seilebost Study 2, Isle Of Harris, Scotland 2017

Most of the images on exhibit at the Taunus Foto Gallerie are photographed on the Isle of Harris where I visit most frequently and has become a place of great fondness and a source of inspiration. The wide empty sweeping beaches with its ever-changing skies and its turquoise seas call me back time and time again. I spend days upon days waiting for the right conditions, almost always alone. This Aloneness is purposeful and essential to allow my subconscious, my instinctive creativity to wake up. The Hebrides proved the time and space to create images that reflect my clarity and peace within. There are also a couple of works on display from the Isle of Islay and its dramatic waves and beautiful sea spray rising up and meeting the evening light.

Taunus Gallery Exhibition In Frankfurt 6 Saligo Bay Study 6, Isle Of Lslay, Scotland, 2019 Bagh Steinigidh Rainbow, Isle Of Harris, Scotland 2017

Waiting for days on a Scottish island is in part a type of meditation for me, all part of the process. Slowing down, escaping from a busy, communicative life, and immersing in the landscape is the first part of the image-making process. The islands are at their quietest in the winter months along with some of the most amazing weather and light conditions. I use long exposures and photograph using my Fuji GFX 50s and Lee Filters to achieve images that are akin to impressionist paintings with a soft mode and feeling of peace. The aim is to share these incredible places and experiences with others.

Taunus Gallery Exhibition In Frankfurt 3 Birsay Cliffs Study 1 , Orkney, Scotland 2018 Cliff Beach Study 1, Isle Of Lewis, Scotland, 2018 Scarista Sands Study 2, Isle Of Harris, Scotland 2017 Described by the Taunus Foto Gallerie : “In her exquisite studies of turquoise waves rolling onto Luskentyre beach with the stunning backdrop of the Harris hills behind, we see how vast open beaches are critical in the foreground to convey her message, as they invite us, the viewer, into her sea of solitude and allow us a breathing space to reflect and daydream a little”