Spiders Webs – Fujifilm GFX 50s, 250mm lens + macro extension tube

Margaret Soraya Fujifilm Loch Leven 1

I spent the whole day at Loch Leven yesterday, basking in the calm sunshine. The loch was flat calm which is a rare occurrence in the Highlands of Scotland in November. So rare that is a shame to stay indoors and not take advantage of such days. I am learning to prioritize days like these and do my computer work to fit around it. The water was cold but so incredibly inviting today. I took my axisgo housing into the loch with me to shoot some images which I will post later.  

After a swim in the loch early morning, I decided to have a slow day. Time in my van drinking hot chocolate and sitting outside watching the seal pop up in the water.

As the sun came up from behind the mountain and lit up the hillside, I headed out into the trees. There is still the last of the autumn colors clinging onto the trees at the moment and I have delighted to have the time to be amongst them at the moment. 

Walking through the grass and heather, I noticed there were hundreds of tiny spider webs and could see these only because they were heavy with dewdrops. As the sun had only just come up, they were still wet and now glistening in the sun. 


Margaret Soraya Fujifilm Spiders Web 1 Margaret Soraya Fujifilm Spiders Web 2

I spent a fair amount of time crawling in bogs capturing these spiders webs. I was using my Fujifilm GFX 50s with the 250mm lens along with a macro extension tube. I am enjoying this rather unusual combination as it produces interesting results with a sharpness to die for. There was something so peaceful and mindful about spending so long sitting in the sunshine watching spiders on these incredible sparking delicate webs. I must have been there for at least an hour before I returned to the van absolutely drenched through. I hadn’t been prepared to lie on wet ground that day! Luckily I carry with me in my van, everything you could possibly need for a few days supplies, including changes of clothes.


I felt so grateful for a day filled with sparkling sun, incredible views, and just being able to breathe in the fresh air. I realize how fortunate I am at the moment with the rest of England in lockdown.


By 3 pm I began to pack up as the light was going to disappear soon but then noticed the light on the hillside. It was almost as if someone has set the hill on fire with a blaze of warm color. As I watched I could see minute by minute the sun moving and fading and the trees being lit up differently. At times like these, I wish I could keep autumn all year round.

Margaret Soraya Fujifilm Loch Leven Autumnjpg Margaret Soraya Fujifilm Autumn Trees Loch Leven